Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mail Week 35

This week I received 4 letters, 1 small package and 9 postcards :3

 Soooo... I've received letters from : 
Germany - Vicky
USA - Jennifer
Belgium - Mieke
Germany - Tanja

This cute anime / manga package is from my penpal Hiroko (Japan of course)

Finland - Anne (view of Iceland)

Germany - Janina (a German saying translated one to one)

England - Postcrossing

China - Postcrossing forum

Poland - Postcrossing
UK - Postcrossing

Germany - Postcrossing

Japan - postcrossing

Netherlands - Postcrossing

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Groceries shopping in Venlo (Netherlands)

So, today I went groceries shopping with my brother in Venlo after he was finished with school. Well actually it was more of a candy & tea shopping, but it was worth it! They have a lot of things in the Netherlands we don't have in Germany, and some other stuff is just cheaper! So, I thought, I'll just show you what i got today :)
BTW, from Duisburg (where my brother and mum live) to Venlo is only a 30 min trip by car!

1/2 Strawberry Cake

Sweet bread with a yummy cream inside

Lay's Multipack .YEAH!

 Twister fries, never had them, but I heard they are awesome! Also caramel waffles, fresh pasta, a bread with cheese inside and a peach morning drink...

3 types of ice tea syrup, I had the middle once already and loved it!

Packages of Chocomel light, Oreo with topping, de ruijter sprinkles and cherry coke.
 Pickwick Tea - I love it SO much!! The top 2 are for Lily :3
 Arizona Tea - we finally have those in Germany too, but those large packages are cheaper in the Netherlands. Self-pressed orange juice, some coffee- (well for me tea-) milk and a Skittles multipack
Orangina Light and mini coke zero
And some other candy :3
I love buying stuff there, especially, as the hove those super large multipacks over there!
If you are ever in western Germany, you should definitely go to Venlo Tref to get some stuff there too!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mail Week 34

So, this week I received 2 letters (well a 3rd one including postcard + minicard too) and 13 postcards - yeay :) I still hope I'll receive more letters next week though :)

Finland - Lily

Finland - Lily

Slovenia - Tina
Germany - Postcrossing
South Korea - Kami (my first Korean view card from my Japanese penpal)
Switzerland - Postcrossing
Finland - Lily (I bought the postcard, she sent it)

Finland - Lily (surprise postcard)
Finland - Postcrossing
Netherlands - postcrossing
Estonia - postcrossing forum
Finland - Anne
Finland - actually swapbot, but Lily got it cancelled for me :)
Germany - Eva

Netherlands - Postcrossing
Portugal - postcrossing
After a great mail week, as always, I cant wait for the next one xD
Though today I have a evening shift, and tomorrow a night shift, I still hope to be able to read a bit, I just started "Lothaire" by Kresley Cole and bought "Clockwork Prince" by Cassandra Clare - can't wait to read :3


Friday, 22 August 2014

Postcard shopping in Duisburg

So, today I needed to scan some documents for University, and as my scanner decided not to like me, I had to go to my mum's office to do it. After I decided to buy some postcards - Even though I don't live there anymore for about a year, it is still easier to me, to find pretty postcards here, plus a postcard penpal really wants a tourist card of Duisburg.

Anyway, so I went into the first shop to get some "Kontraste" (contrast) and nature cards there, and then I found cute folder of chococat >.< Never seen it in a German shop before, thus a must buy!!

And I bought some pretty postcards too!

Then I went to a shop to get some tourist postcards:

And - surprise, surprise, I got this packaging:

Honestly, I haven't seen any postcrossing advertisement in Germany yet. 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mail Week 33

Taiwan - Jolie
I've also received a letter from my Australian penpal L :)

Taiwan - Eric

Finland - me

Finland - Anne (my new Postcard pen pal)

Finland - postcrossing forum tag

Russia - Maria

Czech Republic - Postcrossing Forum

Finland - Lily

Germany - Postcrossing Forum Tag

Netherlands - Postcrossing Forum
So, this week I receive 2 letters and 9 postcards (because I am finally active on postcrossing forum again). I hope next week I'll receive some more Letters...