Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mail Weeks 51 + 52

I know it's been a while...
I've been super busy, thus I skipped a few weeks of Mail (Though I replied them of course) and now here are the past 2 weeks of mail: 7 letters and 2 postcards :)

Postcrossing - Lichtenstein

Postcrossing - Algeria
Lily - Thailand

Sawano - Japan

Tanja - Germany, Tina - Slovenia, Sarah - USA

Karen - USA

Bibiana - Hong Kong

Also, I was able to book my flight to Thailand to visit Lily there, can't wait :3


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mail Week 45

Soooo, this week I received 2 letters and 12 postcards, I'll only upload 11 postcards though, because one card I received via postcrossing had no picture on it, just the ID and how many McDonald's they have (as if I care).

USA - Karen, Awesome Stamps!!

Netherlands - Annerie
Thailand - Postcrossing
Germany - Postcrossing

Germany - Eva

Germany - Astrid

China - Postcrossing

South Korea - private swap (next 4 also)

Finland - Lily
 Yeay, your card finally arrived Lily :D


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Mail Weeks 43 + 44

In the past 2 weeks I received 4 letters, 1 belated birthday present and 17 postcards :)

USA - Jennifer + Germany - Tanja

Slovenia - Tina + Finland - Lily
Japan - Tomomi
And here come the postcards:

Finland - Lily

Finland - Lily

Finland - Lily

England - Postcrossing
USA - postcrossing

Singapore - sendsomething

Hong Kong - postcrossing
Austria - Grandparents
Finland - Lily

Finland - Lily
USA - Karen

USA - postcrossing
Germany - postcrossing
Russia - postcrossing
Finland - Lily (I gave it to her, to send it to me :3)
India - sendsomething
Japan - postcrossing

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mail weeks 41 + 42 and birthday presents

So, the past 2 weeks I received 3 birthday parcels, 2 letters, 20 postcards and some birthday presents :)

From Tina (Slovenia) and Vicky (Germany)

From Lily (Finland) I received a 2nd parcel containing my favourite chocolate, moomin tea and some moomin stationary <3

From Tomo (Japan) I received all the bento basics needed :3

From Hiroko (Japan) I received loads of postcards, fashion magazines, Hetalia doujin, some souvenirs and candy <3

And here are the postcards:
Czech Republic (Postcrossing)
Finland (Lily)

Finland (Lily)

Finland (Lily)

Finland (Postcrossing)
View: Netherlands (Received from: Anne, Finland)
Spain (Postcrossing)
View: Lithuania (Received from: Postcrossing, UK)
Chiara, Germany
Russia (Postcrossing)

France (Postcrossing)

USA (postcrossing)
Moldova (postcrossing)
Russia (postcrossing)
Netherlands (postcrossing)
Finland (postcrossing)

Russia (postcrossing)

USA (postcrossing)

Ukraine (postcrossing)

Germany (postcrossing)
Well and then I also got these presents from my family:
Jannik (Brother) - Keri Smith postcard book <3

Mum - Anna Sui Perfume

Mum - Books yeay

Grandparents - Clockwork Princess + choco + money

 Aunt, Uncle + Cousin - Bakery stuff + money 

Happy me :3