Sunday, 8 November 2015

Mail Weeks: 43-45

Hey there, I've been really busy with my fashion blog lately ( so I might only come here to update every two weeks from now on :3
But here are my past 3 Mail weeks. 
I received 7 letters and 6 postcards. I'll start with the latter:

From Maria, Russia

From Lily, Finland

From Lily

From Lily

special cancelations

From Lily

From Lily

TO Anne, Finland

Now to the letters:

From Tina (Slovenia) I received 2 letters in these 3 weeks, both were a bit longer than a A4 page:

And my replies were both times 2 A5 sheets long, once 3 pages, the other time two and a bit.

From Lily (Finland) I also received 2 pieces of mail, once some belated birthday gift, and once a penpal letter which was 3 A5 sheets / 6 pages lond + goodies.

My reply to her was the same length  :)

Then from Rikke, Denmark I received a 3 A5 sheets / 5 pages long letter + goodies:

And my reply to her were 2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written (+goodies):

From Maria, Russia I received a 2 A5 sheet / 4 pages long letter:

And my reply was the same amount:

From Jennifer, USA I received an A4-ish long letter:

And my reply was a 2 A5 sheets / 3 pages long letter:

And then I also sent out a first letter to Lisa in England:

And my belated reply to Hiroko, Japan:
containing, chocolate, loads of makeup (in purple present box) a mug, a book and some other goodies

This is all for now :3