Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mail Week: 22 + Giveaway Winner :D

This mail week was great, I received 9 letters and 2 postcards. I wasn't able to reply to all yet (I was working on Saturday and just came home from work today too), but I'll probably reply to the missing 3 today, one is already in the making anyway :D

I'll start with the postcards today:
2 Gotochi cards I gave to Lily to send back to me (FINALLY CANCELLED AFTER 2nd TRY)

Now to the letters:

The first was from Wahnnetta, UK
2 A5 sheets / 3 pages written:

My reply
3 A5 sheets / 5 pages written:

Then came Lily's letter from Finland
5 A5 sheets / 10 pages written:

I totally forgot to take a pic from my reply, which is a shame, but I replies with exactly the same amount / length she wrote to me :)

From Jennifer, USA
1 A4 sheet / 1 1/2 pages written

My reply 
 I forgot to take the pic before closing -.- but inside is a little booklet A6-ish size with 4 pages inside on which I wrote. I also added the German Version of the postcard she sent me xD

From Kezia, USA
1 Greeting card (A5 - ish size)

My reply
a letter card in A6 size written on both sides (back with smaller handwriting >.<)

From Sofiyah, Indonesia
3 A5 sheets / 3 pages written

My reply to her
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written + loads of stickers :3

From Tina, Slovenia
1 A4 sheet / 1 page written

My reply to her
 again forgot to take a photo (what is wrong with me this week O.o)
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written

Now come the letters which still need replies:

Vicky, Germany
2 A4 sheets / 4 pages written on typewriter <3

Edith, Spain
 1 A4 sheet / 2 pages written

Kimmi, Canada
1 A5 sheet / 2 pages written + postcard

Well this was all the mail for this week.

But now I'll announce the giveaway winner:

After I checked who actually followed the rules, and who didn't, I put all the names on individual note papers, folded them the same way, put them in a empty cup, shaked it and took out one paper randomly. 
The name on this paper waaaaas:


please message me so that I can send you everything, and here is a picture of your win:

5 posters I chose with closed eyes, 6 kitkats in 2 special flavours, green tea pocky sticks, plum candy and a kawaii key chain / mobile strap.

I hope you enjoy this anime / japan surprise win :)

I am probably going to host another giveaway  sometime (not too far away), so don't forget to check my blog every now and then.

See you soon!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dokomi :)

Yeay, I went to the Dokomi convention in Düsseldorf, Germany yesterday :3
I go there every year for at least one day as it's the cheapest anime/manga convention this size as much as I know. 

If you like, you can check out their handout book here to get more information :)

I won't upload photos of individual cosplayers here, as I didn't always get their OK (as they ran away too quickly xD) but still here are a couple of pics of the "mass".

There are fashion, drawing, shopping and so many more areas. Also this time 4 international cosplayers were invited, some Mangaka and showacts. Honestly it's worth a visit.

Again, I am sorry for not uploading more pictures but I mostly couldn't make sure if the guests, shop owners, etc were okay with the pictures...

But, at the very least I can show you what I purchased (I spend too much money :( )

I'll start off with this great deco tape PEN. It's from PLUS JAPAN and you can use it similar to a pen. 
I also took a closeup from the design. I can't wait to use it for my penpals!

 This I bought for letter writing as well I really love the cute design, the paper is nice and thick and the colour is wonderful. It seems to be high quality. You can find the artist here.

At matlens store I bought a lens solution and a chopper lens case.
Now I only have to got to the optician again to check how much worse my eyesight got -.-


Then at a small store, where I couldn't find a flyer, I bought this Korean BB cream. I'll use it soon >.<

Then, for free, I got these 3 coasters which have great designs front and back.

And also these awesome postcards, sadly from most I was only allowed to take one of each design :(

I also bought this adorable shirt at madmodesty. I'll review this in a couple of weeks on my fashion blog. (As soon as I get Tascha to take pictures of me again >3<)

I wanted these creepy-cute hair bows for ages now. Sadly the store didn't have flyers. Again, I'll review these in a couple of weeks.

I also bought a cute short red wig with twin tails. It's in Meirin / Maylin (Back Butler) style, again I'll write a review as soon as I can take pictures :)

And last but not least, all those flyers I collected xD


Mail Week: 21 + Giveaway

Hey there again, this mail week was great :) I received 6 letters, 1 package and 3 postcards. LOVE!!!
Again, I've sent out a couple of "first-letters", which will be the last big stash for the moment being, I am hoping that people actually start replying xD

So here I go with the package first.
t's from Hiroko, Japan who has just moved from a small city to a big one and couldn't write for a while.

She has written me a 3 A5 sheets/ 3 pages long letter, and also added a pretty postcard :3 

 Then there are these awesome Manga she promised me, I haven't read those yet but I'll do soon.
BTW, in addition to my Book reviews, would you like Manga reviews as well??
Then she added loads of delicious candy.

 2 of her wonderful sketches
 And 18!!!! different anime posters. Great huh?

And as I can't hang all of these up my wall, I thought I'd start a Giveaway. To participate, please follow my blog and comment below! The winner will be announced during my blog post on 31st May (I'll message them too), and will receive 5 of these wonderful posters + some other surprises :D

I'll reply soon!!

Now to the wonderful postcards:

The first 2, I gave
Lily to send to me from Finland:

The 3rd one is from my mum, who will return from Italy today:)

 And here are the stamps used :) Sadly the pretty Moomin cancellation Lily used was ruined by the postman, who said I wasn't home at delivery time... I was though...
Must have been a substitute, my usual postman always comes at the same time and is a nice guy :)

And now the letters:

First, from Lily Finland, a 3 A5 sheets / 5 pages written, including 6 postcards to send back to her written and stamped. 

My reply to her was a 6 A5 sheets / 11 pages long letter, plus some prior written on postcards and a surprise mascara.

 And these are the stamps I used for the postcards she sent me this week.

Eva from Germany wrote me a 1 A5 sheet / 2 pages letter:
 My reply to her was the same length :)

The first reply from my new penpal Harriet, UK was a  1 A4 sheet / 1 page long letter :)

I added my reply on this awesome greeting card which is a little larger than A5 when opened, and I also added one filled and one empty version of my new penpal sheets I designed :)

Another first reply from a new penpal. 
This time from Marléen, UK.
1 A5 sheet / 2 pages long letter with loads of extra goodies >.<

My reply to her was written on this greeting card (same length / amount as above) and I also added one of my sketches, my penpal sheets and loads of stickers :)

The first letter from Rikke, Denmark - who sent me a 2 A5 sheet / 2 pages long letter, a feet cooling creme and loads of kawaii sheets as goodies :3

 My reply to her was a 3 A5 sheets / 3 pages long letter plus some candy I bought in Taiwan, a mini address book, a dream catcher and my penpal sheets.

The last letter this week was from Fee, UK.
1 A4 sheet / 1 page long letter with her business card.

 My reply to her is a 5 A5 sheet / 5 pages long letter + a postcard.

Honestly, check out her online store, she has loads of great accessories there, all hand made!
I my self will buy some of her goodies late May / early June and then review on my fashion blog (which by the way I'll update in a few hours!).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY by following and commenting below :3