Thursday, 25 September 2014

One Day in Bonn (Germany)

Last Month Janina and me went to Bonn for a day (about 1.5h away from where she lives). Both of us have never really been there before and it was once the capital of western Germany and the city in which Beethoven was lived, so we kind of decided we have to go sightseeing there! 

So, we took the train early in the morning and arrived around 10am and we went straight to the information centre of Bonn where we both bought a Welcome Card which are valid for 24h. Those Welcome Cards are awesome and they have them in every big city in Germany, so if you are sightseeing here, you should definitely get one. The Bonn Card offers you following things: Free rides on public transport in Bonn, free entry in most museums (and discount in the others) also there are some other nice things cheaper with the card :)And all that for only 9€ per person or 19€ for a family ticket (8€ for people owning an ADAC card).

We first went to the "Bundeskunsthalle" which is place on the "Museumsmeile" a street with loads of Museums on it. Anyway, thanks to the Welcome Card we got free entry to the Afrika exhibition, which was great as I don't usually get to see a lot of African art here.
The Bundeskunsthalle is opened Tue, Wed 10am - 9pm and Thu - Sun 10am - 7pm. The ticket prices vary a lot depending on the exhibitions. 

The Bundeskunsthalle and the Kunst Museum Bonn are right next to each other.

After that we went to the "Kunst (art) Museum Bonn" we got in for half the price (3,50€) there and were able to see loads of contemporary art.
Also I have 2 new favourite artists thanks to this museum: Sigmar Polke and Corinne Wasmuth (open the links to see some of their works).
Opened: Tue - Sun 11am - 6pm, Wed 11am - 9pm

The next Museum we went to was the "Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany). On more than 4000 square meters the History of the FRG is told, awesome and really moving. Entry is always free and when you are in Bonn you should really go there, one of the best museums I ever went to!

We then took a short break to eat as it was raining heavily we just went into the first place we saw - Pizza Hut. If it hadn't been raining we would have gone to the tea house, but there were only places outside left >.<

We walked around the city to see other sights:



And by coincidence we found the only Haribo store of the world >.< I got loads of stuff there for my pen pals, they sell many things I can't bu in normal stores.

Then I really wanted to go to the "Beethoven-Haus", we had free entry due to the Welcome Card, and that was good, because I was really hoping for something more... The house was tiny, okay I knew that, but they only really displayed portraits, letters and some instruments, nice to see if you are a Beethoven fan, but if not, you should go somewhere else, but for those who are still interested:
opened: Nov-Mar: Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm,Sun 11am - 5pm
Apr - Oct: Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 6pm

We then hurried because we really wanted to go to the "August Macke House" but we were too late, on Tue-Fri only opened from 2.30pm - 6pm, and on Sat+Sun 11am - 5pm.

We took the bus back to the city centre and walked around a bit to find souvenirs, and luckily we found a UK-Shop. 
Around 7pm we left to go back home.

All pictures are from Janina - thank you!


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mail Weeks: 37 + 38

So, as I was super busy the past weeks, here is my mail of from the past 2 weeks :) 1 small package, 8 letters and 23 Postcard. Wow I had 2 very happy mail weeks!

So here they are: 2x USA - Jennifer & Ruby, 2x Japan - Nori & Tomomi, Slovenia - Tina, Netherlands - Annerie, Taiwan - Eric and Germany - Tanja.

Poland - Kardina

New Jetoy :) Hong Kong - PC Forum
My first Beatrix Potter: USA - PC Forum
Poland - Direct Swap
Poland - Direct Swap
Finland - Lily

Finland - Lily - LOVE you lots!
Japan - Yuki
USA - Postcrossing

USA - Postcrossing

Russia - Postcrossing
China - Even
Poland - PC

Poland - PC
Poland - Kardina
Russia - PC
Spain - My Brother

Spain - My Brother
Germany - PC

Germany - Astrid

Germany - Anne
Netherlands - PC

Netherlands - PC
 Great 2 weeks! And Hopefully tomorrow I'll find the time to reply to the last  3 letters of the bunch!
Also Annerie and me want to start a postcard project inspired by Keri Smith, I'll tell you about it when we figured out how!


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Mail Week : 36

This week I received 2 letters and 11 postcards :D

One letter from Tina (Slovenia) and the 2nd from my long lost pen pal Celine (Portugal).

Taiwan - Postcrossing Forum
Finland - Anne (view : Ireland)
Ukraine - Postcrossing
Lithuania - postcrossing - sadly a double....

Lithuania - Giedre
China - Yanting - A new Jetoy YEAY
Russia - Postcrossing
Belarus - Postcrossing
Germany - Postcrossing

England - Postcrossing