Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mail Week : 42

This week I received 2 postcards and 2 letters.
I'll start with the postcards:

The first is from Lily, Finland and the second one from my Grandparents who just returned from Italy. The cute Moomin card even had a special cancellation  :3

Now to the letters.

From Karen C., USA:
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written

My reply:
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written

And last but not least.

From Jennifer, Taiwan
2 A5 sheets / pages written

My reply:
2 A5 sheets / 3 pages written

See you next week :)


Monday, 12 October 2015

Mail Weeks: 40 + 41

Hey there :3

without further ado I'll start with the postcards I received and sent out.

From Lily, Finland

From Astrid, Germany

From Eva, Germany

From AND To Chiara, Germany

To Astrid, Germany

To Eva, Germany

And here comes the rest of the mail.

I'll start with Vicky, Germany
she sent me a 2 A4 sheet / 3 pages long letter

My reply
3 A5 sheets / 5 pages written

From Tina, Slovenia
1 A4 sheet / page written

My reply
1 A5 sheets / 2 pages written

From Rikke, Denmark
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written  + birthday presents as seen below

My reply
2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written + tea and washi

From Fee, UK
1 A5-ish sheet / 2 pages written + goodies

My reply
2 A5 sheets / 3 pages written + goodies and belated birthday presents (not all seen on pic as it's a surprise)

And a big birthday parcel from Hiroko, Japan
3 A5 sheets / pages written + loads of presents as seen below >.<

Didn't have the time to reply to her yet, and have to find something for her too for our usual swap :)

This is all for now