Sunday, 8 November 2015

Mail Weeks: 43-45

Hey there, I've been really busy with my fashion blog lately ( so I might only come here to update every two weeks from now on :3
But here are my past 3 Mail weeks. 
I received 7 letters and 6 postcards. I'll start with the latter:

From Maria, Russia

From Lily, Finland

From Lily

From Lily

special cancelations

From Lily

From Lily

TO Anne, Finland

Now to the letters:

From Tina (Slovenia) I received 2 letters in these 3 weeks, both were a bit longer than a A4 page:

And my replies were both times 2 A5 sheets long, once 3 pages, the other time two and a bit.

From Lily (Finland) I also received 2 pieces of mail, once some belated birthday gift, and once a penpal letter which was 3 A5 sheets / 6 pages lond + goodies.

My reply to her was the same length  :)

Then from Rikke, Denmark I received a 3 A5 sheets / 5 pages long letter + goodies:

And my reply to her were 2 A5 sheets / 4 pages written (+goodies):

From Maria, Russia I received a 2 A5 sheet / 4 pages long letter:

And my reply was the same amount:

From Jennifer, USA I received an A4-ish long letter:

And my reply was a 2 A5 sheets / 3 pages long letter:

And then I also sent out a first letter to Lisa in England:

And my belated reply to Hiroko, Japan:
containing, chocolate, loads of makeup (in purple present box) a mug, a book and some other goodies

This is all for now :3 



  1. Any sight of the 6th postcard I sent to you? :/
    Still waiting for your letter thanks to the stupid partial striking now and the upcoming one on 19th -__- Just hope the missing letters arrive before that or else those might get lost while NO ONE does their job in Posti.. Wouldn't wonder if they took the Russian way of handling the extra mail and throwing those to the fire -__-

    1. Yep, it arrived yesterday :) and I hope my letter arrives soon... I got you a tiny Minion figure BTW but I'll only send it after the strike is over if you don't mind ;)